Motives® Eye Products

Let Your Eyes Tell a Story

Makeup for the eye area allows your personality to shine through. Be as subtle or dramatic as you feel. Motives® by Loren Ridinger has many shadow shades in three different formulas, Pressed, Crème, and Loose Mineral to blend and work for you.

Define the lash line with your favorite Khol Eyeliner., CLICK HERE

Pair any one of the  Eye Shadows with our amazing Eye Base or Luxe Crème Eye Shadow. You will get bold color pay out that lasts all day, always looking fresh, without a crease in sight.  CLICK HERE

Stay “Perfectly Lined, Perfectly Defined” with LIQUID  Eye Liner. Its felt-tip applicator glides across the lash line with ease.  Finally a Liner that is simple to use, sexy to wear!, CLICK HERE

Motives® Essential Brow Kit will help frame your face ., CLICK HERE

Take your lashes with Lustrafy  Mascara. plumps and adds volume., CLICK HERE


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