Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Creme

Primary Benefits of Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Crème:

A luxurious cream created to address multiple skin conditions.  Exclusive complex that effectively reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles accelerates rhythmic skin cell turnover and brightens skin tone for a more youthful complexion.

A patent pending formula and exclusive complex clinically proven to address and treat:

  • Facial wrinkles by re-filling the voids created by skin lines
  • Skin’s tensile strength, turgidity, luminosity by enhancing the skin’s synthesis of dermal proteins
  • UV induced skin degradation by eliminating free radical, non-radical and iron-induced oxidative damage to the skin
  • Tired looking and dull skin by accelerating cell turnover through intensive keratoplastic activity
  • Localised hyperpigmentation, dark spots and freckles through combinations of skin brighteners       for more info click here



“Although this product is expensive, I have found that it feels SO good. I use it lightly day or night. My skin instantly goes from feeling dry to wonderful (without heavy or greasy) and it goes a long way if applied sparingly. It keeps on feeling moist without that fading away feel.

After not seeing my 73 year old mother for a few months, I almost passed out when I saw her face. I kid you not, it looked like the Mohave desert with so many deep cracks. I gave her a bottle of this, she absolutely loves it. It has helped her face look a lot better. I bought her some more for Valentines/Mother’s Day. What a great gift this would make.

Jan 20, 2009 by Rachelle

This Is An Awesome Product!

“I’m normally very suspicious of more ‘advanced’ skin creams as I normally buy my products at the natural grocery store. But most of these are either too light or too heavy and feel good on initially but leave no lasting positive effects on the skin. So after reading about this product, I decided to give it a try despite it being much more expensive to what I’m used to paying. But wow, is it worth it. I am Asian with thin, sensitive dry/combo skin and I also use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to control breakouts (yes, acne and wrinkles – NOT fair!) So to read the ingredients list, I was a little nervous I’d react to something. But the cream is very concentrated and rich, it’s also light and soothing and left my skin feeling like it had a full drink of moisture. Hours later my skin looked and felt dewy and fantastic, even after a full nights sleep when my skin is normally dry and tight (I live in LA). This is an excellent product. Highly recommended!”

Mulberry Tree 1
Los Angeles CA

“What an amazing product!!! Keeps my skin soft, moisturized & even. I have been using it 2x a day for a while now and most of my dark spots from years of sun damage have disappeared.”

Makeup On Move

Poughkeepsie, NY

Cellular Laboratroies De-Aging Creme is luxurious…a must have!
It’s rich, buttery texture is like putting a layer of silk on my face.  It hydrated my dry skin without leaving it oily, and my skin feels smoother and looks great. There is a noticable differece in my skin tone and in the elimination of fine wrinkles. I wouldn’t be without it!

Bismarck, ND 

Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Eye Crème

  • Reduces the appearance of the signs of aging
  • Firms the skin promoting appearance of a “lift”
  • Plumps and brightens skin, lessening the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles under the eye
  • Moisturises and refreshes delicate skin around the eyes    for more details click here

Cellular Laboratories® Re-Birth Serum

  • Minimises the appearance of line and wrinkles
  • Enhanced skin penetration of bio-engineered growth hormone through nanotechnology
  • Powerful antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals and pollution
  • Promotes skin defenses against the most prevalent cause of wrinkles and natural degradation
  • Moisturises and smoothes the skin
  • Enhances the skin’s glow and luminosity
  • Reduces appearance of age spots   for more info click here

testimonials :



“It’s enhanced my skin’s radiance, given me a glow look and reduced the appearance of wrinkles.”


McLean, VA

Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Toner







  • Purifies skin of any remaining residue and impurities, while maintaining moisture and protecting the skin
  • Soothes, softens and hydrates even the most sensitive skin
  • Antioxidants protect skin from free radicals
  • Prepares skin for more effective moisture absorption   for more info click here

Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Cleanser

  • Gently dissolves makeup and impurities
  • Will not strip away skin’s natural moisture
  • Comforts, soothes and conditions
  • Contains lightweight botanical extracts        for more info click here

Cellular Laboratories™ Anti-Aging Regimen Kit

Cellular Laboratories™ is a leader in presenting high quality cosmeceuticals at an affordable price. With proper use, your skin will be rejuvenated, refreshed and looking years younger.


Primary Benefits of Cellular Laboratories™ Anti-Aging Regimen Kit:
* Kit has everything needed for your anti-aging skin care regimen
* Cost-efficient way to care for your skin
* Helps maintain healthy, younger-looking skin
* 25% savings vs. purchasing items separately

What Makes Cellular Laboratories™ Anti-Aging Regimen Kit Unique?
Get all of your anti-aging essentials at more than 25 percent savings. Cellular Laboratories™ is a leader in presenting high quality cosmeceuticals at an affordable price. With proper use, your skin will be rejuvenated, refreshed and looking years younger.

The Cellular Laboratories™ Anti-Aging Regimen Kit offers the Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Facial Cleanser, Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Toner, Cellular Laboratories™ Re-Birth Serum, Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Crème, and Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Eye Crème.

Tips on How to Use Cellular Laboratories™ Anti-Aging Regimen Kit:
The Anti-Aging Regimen Kit is to be used by following the basic steps of a skin care regimen:
1. Cleanse
2. Tone
3. Treat
4. Moisturise

Cleanse face with Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Facial Cleanser in the morning and at night. Follow with Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Toner on a cotton pad. Use smooth, upward strokes in circular motions.

Cellular Laboratories™ Re-Birth Serum should be used as the next step in the regimen. Follow with Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Creme.

Cellular Laboratories™ De-Aging Eye Crème should be pat gently around the eye area morning and night to firm and lift the delicate skin around the eye.

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