• Reduces the severity of wrinkles and furrows (especially in the brow, forehead and eye areas)
  • Increases skin firmness and thickness
  • Reduces skin discolourations and increases hydration
  • Improves skin texture and colour
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

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Pentaxyl™ 9/13/04 Voice mail testimonial
Just so you know – I don’t have any major skin problems that I know about. However, at 39 years old I’m taking a proactive approach using this product. I do have some furrows in my forehead, some lines, and also I have a sunspot on my cheek from hanging out as a kid in Ocean City, Maryland getting a little bit too much sun. I’ve been using the product for about 6 or 7 days now, and I am just amazed at it. Number one, a friend of mine, I had lunch with her the other day and she said, “Your skin is looking smoother.” Well I also noticed in the mirror today that that sunspot, which was probably half the size of your small finger nail, is getting lighter to the point where I really had to look hard to see it this morning. So I think Pentaxyl™ is great.
Greg Fitzpatrick
Washington D.C.

Pentaxyl™ 9/14/04 Voice mail testimonial
I wanted to give you a testimonial on the Pentaxyl™. It’s not just a home run, it’s a grand slam! I’ve noticed the fine lines dissipate from my face and in the skin all over. I use it every evening and sometimes just a little bit on the smile and frown and whatever lines on my face and those general areas in the morning and it’s fantastic. I’m looking younger and feeling younger and by Miami [February] I don’t know if I’ll even be recognized. So, it’s a fantastic product and I’ve got customers using it and I say we press on and keep this good thing going. Look out OPC-3. Take care.
Keith Mitchell
Las Vegas, NV

Pentaxyl™ 9/14/04 Voice mail testimonial
I’ve been using the Pentaxyl™ for about a month. I have not been using it up to the standards of what they say – three times a day – but I have been using it at least once a day and I have had a major difference in some deep creases that are under my eyes. Little, kind of fatty pockets, with deep creases in and its almost like within a half hour of using this product you can start seeing them disappear. I have the typical crows feet and again, within about a half an hour – 45 minutes or so you start to see those decrease a lot. So I’m telling you this product really works – it’s great – and everybody ought to be using it if you’ve got a wrinkle or two. Thanks, have a good day.
Richard Bitler
Milton, PA

Pentaxyl™ 9/15/04 Voice mail testimonial
We just received our Pentaxyl™ two weeks ago and we’ve been using it – not as what the bottle says – you’re supposed to use it 2-3 times a day. We put it on every morning and once in a while I forget to do it in the evening, but even with that, I have some crows feet and have furrows on my forehead and between the eye brows toward the nose and since I’ve been using it my skin is getting softer and its starting to show a lot of difference. The kids even noticed that and there is a difference when the kids start noticing that your face looks a little different. To me it feels a lot softer. Pentaxyl™, its making a difference in my crows feet and the furrows so people should be talking more about it because it does work. We have three customers that we’ve talked to and I put an order out and I’ve sold three bottles. Pentaxyl™ does work. Thank you. Have a good day. Bye.
Joe Lopez
Manteno, IL

Pentaxyl™ 9/15/04 Voice mail testimonial
I started using the Pentaxyl™ about two weeks ago and I’ve already noticed some improvement in my skin tone. I have discoloration on my face and it seems to get worse as I get older and I’m sure most of you women out there know what I’m talking about. It can be caused from birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause just to name a few. Well I’ve noticed that it is disappearing. I also have those deep frown lines between my eyes that seem to be softening up. And for people out there that are afraid to try it because you have oily skin, don’t be. I have very oily skin and the Pentaxyl™ does not leave it oily. As long as you rub it in the way the directions tell you to you shouldn’t have any oily residue. This product is going to be phenomenal and I have a class reunion coming up October 16th and I’m going to be taking a tube with me. So thank you to everyone who had a part in getting this product out to us. Thank you.
Donna Lopez
Manteno, IL

Pentaxyl™ 9/14/04 Voice mail testimonial
I have been on the Pentaxyl™ for probably 10 days now and just last night I washed up and I was putting it on and I have some fine lines on my upper lip from an old ex-smoking habit and I was shocked. I said, look there’s no more lines there. I tried to make them happen – couldn’t. So, all the fine lines above my upper lip are gone. I’m 40 years old – it really, really works! My voice mail is 18021 if you want any more information. Bye.
Roxanne Cahill
New Hampshire

Pentaxyl™ 9/14/04 Voice mail testimonial
I have been using Pentaxyl™ for about 2 weeks and I want to tell you it is simply fantastic! It is an incredible product! I have a crease on my forehead, right between my eyes, a lot of people have that crease. I put it on the first night and I was thinking to myself – hmmm, I wonder if this stuff really, really works the way they told us at Convention that is works – I really had my doubts. I’ve tried so many things. Low and behold, the next morning, the crease, I could see a distinct difference in that crease on my forehead. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and it is just amazing. Everyday I get up and I run to the mirror – and its hard to use it 3 times a day like they say, but its even working when I use it twice a day.
I want to tell you guys something. If you’re not selling this product… I know you can find a crinkle, a crease, a wrinkle, a stretch mark, a something on your body that you can start using Pentaxyl™ on and then show it to your friends – I mean, hey, lift up your blouse and show ‘em those stretch marks ladies. Show them that this product really works. There are so many products on the market that are touted to work – they don’t work – this works, so let it work for you!
Marion Edwards

Pentaxyl™ 9/15/04 Voice mail testimonial
I have skin challenges. I am going to be 60 years old. When they announced it took care of wrinkles and furrows at National I perked right up, because that’s what I have. I ride a motorcycle and I’ve been in the sun and we’ve done lots of things outside so it hasn’t been like my skins been protected.
I have used Pentaxyl™ for one week, maybe 7 days now. I have had 3 people significantly notice the changes in my skin and the furrows (I don’t have little fine lines, I have furrows) around my eyes and my neck and whatever, and really have told my there’s a major, major change in my skin texture. And it feels so, so good along with the Timeless Prescriptions.
Another thing, my husband, we took before and after pictures with my digital with his skin because he is just like “Mr. Wrinkle City” and we’re going to do some… he’s doing Pentaxyl™, he’s actually applying it when I’m not even here, so we’re going to have fun with that and I’ll let you know what those photos look like in a couple of weeks. Talk to you later, bye.
Pat Beers

Pentaxyl™ 9/15/04 Voice mail testimonial
I wanted to respond to your request for testimonials on Pentaxyl™. Can I say its absolutely fabulous. After 3 days I found that the furrows in my forehead were significantly reduced. I’ve been using it now for a week and those lines are almost gone and the smile lines are virtually gone as well. I can’t believe it, it’s only been a week.
In addition, I have spoken to a number of ladies, friends of mine, and a number of them that I’ve seen have asked me what I’m doing – I look so fabulous. I tell them I’ve discovered botox-in-a-bottle. They’re all freaking out – everybody’s like ‘get me some, get me some’. They don’t even care what the price is. I tried to tell them the price comparison with the Strivectin they don’t care, they’re just like ‘Get it for me!’
It’s fabulous. I love it. I’m so grateful that we came out with this product and I encourage everybody to be using it.
Ava Glaser
South Shore – Boston, Massachusetts area

How to use Pentaxyl™ properly
We are most inclined to just apply it like a moisturizer, but its very, very important that we apply Pentaxyl™ to dry skin and that we massage it into the skin using a strong, circular motion. That’s because the compounds in Pentaxyl™ are so strong that we must break them up to make sure that it gets into the dermis of the skin where the collagen is being rebuilt.
We have two levels of the skin that we’re talking about with Pentaxyl™: one is the epidermis and one is the dermis. The dermis is the second layer where collagen is formed and as we age collagen breaks down. Pentaxyl™ is going to strengthen and rebuild collagen to give us that firm, toned complexion and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. So its very important that we are applying the Pentaxyl™ in a strong circular motion to make sure that its getting deep within the skin. We can’t rely on it just sitting on top of the epidermis because it is not a moisturizer.
Obviously, we can put Pentaxyl™ all over our body, and I’m saying obviously because it was first developed for stretch marks. So, we can put it anywhere on the body, anywhere on the face, but I don’t recommend it around the eyes. For the eyes you want to use your Cellular  Eye Cream, because in the Cellular® Eye Cream is a chemical called Matrixyl and that is what Pentaxyl™ has that will reduce puffiness as well as strengthen fine lines and wrinkles and firm that eye area. So just put Pentaxyl™ up around until you reach that orbital bone around the eye – so your eye brow and underneath where you can feel that bone, don’t go past that and then you can apply Pentaxyl™ everywhere else.
Pentaxyl™ can be used up to three times a day and its important that you do use it three times a day. So, I’m recommending in the morning – after you wash your face and do your skin care routine you would apply your Pentaxyl™ and then finish off with your moisturizer, or Skintelligence®. So moisturizer is the last step right after Pentaxyl™. You would apply it three times a day and that is because it is a topical lotion as we know and its going deep within the skin, the dermis. You want to apply it three times because it is relaxing the muscles underneath the skin, so in between your eye brows, around your smile – the frown lines, the happy lines, the laugh lines. So its giving that appearance of paralysis. Its not paralyzing obviously.