Ruwinie Senaratne

A big thank you to my amazing sponsor, Gen-Tec Nutrition, who has been incredibly supportive not only during my comp prep, but throughout the year; City Gym Sydney for being accommodating; Ketty Lay for my immaculate make up in the early mornings, week after week, and Rinnah Schmid Ifbb Pro for my stunning bikini..yet again!

Zaj Olimpia

We would like to thank the ladies who attended our event and our sponsors for their generous contribution and participation! — with pure fijii, Tania Humphreys, Ketty Lay, Medik Australia, Jenny Austin, Angela Young, Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine, Christian Gilles and Agi Magyar.
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A big thanks and A lot of congratulations for your work from my friends.

14/12/2013 Olga

I cannot stop starring my face at mirror !!! amazing !!

8/11/13 Marie Pathy

Thank you for all the effort you put it- so many people complimented me and I told them it was all thanks to you.

29/11/12 Rowena

Hi Ketty,
Thanks for your fantastic work on my sister Christina’s wedding. Will definitely call you if I ever get married !


18/6/12 Alexandra

Hi Ketty, just wanted to say thank you so much for the trial last Saturday, my sister and I loved your work and we are definitely recommending you to all our friends. 

19/5/12 Lim Sui Lien

Im so pleased.. I couldnt stop see myself at mirror *fall in love with myself 🙂
Thank you so much tante ketty for making it happened. U are so rock 🙂

9/5/12 Candice Lewis :

Thanks again for your time today, I loved what you did and feel really good about the wedding artistry!!


7/5/12 Li Shan :

Hi Ketty ! Thanks for making me a very beautiful bride! I’ll always remember the day ! All the best! 🙂

1/5/12 Amelia Mitchell :

Hi Ketty,
God bless, and thanks for your guys amazing work !! It was great!!



Cheryl : yeah, i won best makeup. No one recognised me XD Thanks again ii ketty !!!